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TK Central Carolinas is very intent in providing the best ways to reduce fuel output and eliminate any pull the air may have on a large rectangular object such as a trailer. Although the room a trailer provides makes it critical for transporting large amounts of cargo from one location to another, it can really make for a slowing down of the process of the transportation.

There is a low-pressure wake that contributes the most to the drag that is occurring. From fuel efficiency issues to the way it drags back the vehicle itself, the opportunity to advance the aerodynamics of a vehicle can be pocket-saving and time efficient. Thermo King has an UnderTray System that specifically gives a perfect fit and can easily be added to a preexisting trailer.

From helping the environment to having durability and performance advantages, this is an option that one cannot help but add to his or her cargo carrying vehicles. This life-time guarantee is a lasting and permanent solution for the increased aerodynamics. By allowing airflow to be more consistent with the direction the vehicle is moving, the aerodynamic add-ons will dramatically increase the efficiency in which the trailer is able to move forward.

The drag is reduced and the parts are in place so that no one will need to place or replace with each new haul. Increasing one’s fuel effectiveness, decreasing driving time, and providing optimal performance are just a few ways that having remarkable aerodynamics will change the way that cargo is transported.

SmartTruck Premier Aero System

Our most powerful aero solution for optimal fuel savings!
SmartTruck Premier is the trucking industry’s most powerful solution for trailer aerodynamic drag reduction and improved fuel performance. The system combines our four most powerful drag-reducing precision aero components.

Benefit from a 16% reduction in drag and a
10% improvement in fuel mileage on a typical Class 8 truck
during normal, long-haul highway operations.

SmartTruck Classic Aero System

Our most economical undertray aerodynamic system for improved fuel efficiency
The SmartTruck Classic Aero System is our most economical choice for undertray aerodynamic drag reduction. For a very modest investment you can improve fuel performance by 5.5%. The system can be installed by your SmartTruck dealer in just one hour. And you’ll have the option to add side fairings or other aero component upgrades for additional fuel savings any time in the future.

Benefit from a 5.5% improvement in fuel mileage on a typical Class 8 truck
during normal, long-haul highway operations.
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