Thermo King Power Management Products

• High-efficiency solar cells produce abundant power

• Keeps reefer batteries charged and prevents costly road calls

• Optimized to off-set controller and telematics loads

• Designed for quick and easy installation

• Works great even in low light conditions

• 20+ year anticipated product life with 5-year product warranty

• Utilizes power from tractor alternator to smart charge lift gate batteries

• IP69K environmental rating for flexible mounting

• Easy install with no field termination required

• Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum finish

• 20 Amp and 35 Amp models available

• 2-year unconditional warranty

• Ensures your electric pallet jack stays charged

• Generates power directly from lift gate battery pack

• Built-in lower voltage protection to preserve liftgate operation

• Hermetically-sealed IP69K waterproof plastic box

• Simple connectors in box for ease of installation

• Will automatically start the reefer to charge an auxiliary battery bank because of low voltage

• Provides ultimate low voltage protection for auxiliary battery

• Backwards compatible with all Precedent units

• Keeps lights on when your reefer starts up

• Saves fuel by reducing tractor idling that normally powers interior trailer lights

• Low voltage disconnect prevents draining OEM battery to ensure maximum life

• Protects starting power by isolating from reefer during start-up

• Compatible with Thermo King and numerous competitive refrigeration units

• Easily generate power from your reefer alternator

• Dedicated alternator provides more power in a smarter way

From supplemental alternators, EON power packs, auto starts, electric pallet jack chargers, boost chargers, to solar panels, Thermo King is in the business of energy efficiency. Longer life of vehicle batteries, less fuel used, better environmental output, backup charging capabilities, power availability, and reefer charges for the alternator, allows for vehicles to have the absolute best managed power products available. Storing and generating power is no small project, having solutions for doing so is critical and Thermo King is there to help with just that.

Depending on the needs of the cargo being hauled, energy needs will vary. Telematics, distribution, refrigeration, electric pallets, lift gates, and so many other aspects must be put into consideration when evaluating the power needs of your vehicle. With round-the-clock assistance, Thermo King will help keep you powered up and running strong during the entirety of your time on the road.

Some ways this is accomplished is through the power storage of reefer batteries, lift gate battery packs and eon power packs. Generating power includes reefer alternators, tractor alternators and solar panels. Lastly, for electric loads, one may consider the lights, lift gate, pallet jack, and telematics. Being able to best manage power for your unique needs can be done and most effectively through Thermo King.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise will give you full confidence that no matter how long the haul, how cold the product, how harsh the weather conditions, your customers will be fully satisfied with no power issues along the way.

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