TriPac Envidia®

Clean, reliable electric power from the industry leader in idle reduction technology. Introducing the new TriPac Envidia® APU. The TriPac Envidia® delivers what Thermo King customers demand – true cost savings, reliable performance, clean operation and an easy-to-use control system.


  • Immediate Fuel Savings
    The TriPac Envidia® is an all-electric,battery-based APU system, which means significant savings on fuel. By reducing operation of the tractor engine, the system also delivers big cost savings on maintenance as well.
  • Longest electric runtime in the industry without tractor startup*
  • Effective heating and cooling for maximum comfort
  • The power to run the devices that make the sleeper cab feel more like home
  • Quiet operation for uninterrupted rest
  • *Based on testing with leading competitive all-electric APU system.

Additional Benefits

  • Immediate Fuel Savings
    An electric, battery-powered APU system, the TriPac Envidia® starts saving you money from day one and delivers serious savings month to month no matter how fuel costs fluctuate.
  • Improved Battery Performance
    Designed specifically for the TriPac Envidia®, the NXT Battery harnesses dry cell technology to guarantee increased unit runtime, greater efficiency and a lower life cycle cost.
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